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Getting ready to get ready for some fun

We wake this morning to at least some indication of where the finish line might be in this third lockdown marathon.

Even though last night's press conference was hardly entertaining, for the first time it had me thinking (rather selfishly, I admit) a little optimistically about the rest of this year.

I don't mean business - I mean having some fun.

I started with the big stuff:

  • "maybe Sheila Scott and I will be able to embark upon our JOGLE in June"

  • "maybe Annie and I will get out to Greece at the end of July"

  • "looking good for Alex & Portia's wedding in August"

Then I settled down a bit and just pondered:

  • "maybe a BBQ in the back garden with the kids"

  • "maybe a meal out"

  • "maybe a pint at the local"

I'm no different from anyone else, of course.

So perhaps now is the moment when patients start to think about other ways to spend their disposable income as the year unfolds?

You can rest assured that those sectors who have been starved of cash flow in recent months will be girding up their marketing loins this morning and thinking of ever more ingenious ways to get us to part with our hard earned.

As of now, dentistry, the new business party is over. You are now competing for the patients' pound.

Provided it is done tastefully, you might think about starting by reminding patients that it would be lovely to emerge into the spring and summer sunlight with a confident smile.

Time to start thinking smart about your marketing if you don't want to get overlooked in the journey back to fun.

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