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Get organised and supported

It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that, since making my career change on 1st August this year, I have almost sub-consciously been going through a process of personal re-organisation that has focused on delegation and support. A series of separate decisions have joined together to make a big difference:

  1. Back on with the running shoes and 5 days a week of aerobic exercise = peace, well-being and time to think (as well as a tightening of flabby muscle);

  2. Appointment of a new virtual personal assistant to handle my busy “off-stage” life = less clutter and more time to rest when I finish work;

  3. Back into personal coaching with Michael Myerscough = the fellowship of an impartial sounding board and the benefit of his wisdom;

  4. A massive investment in personal organisation at my Falmouth desk – paperwork, finances and all that jazz = that lovely feeling when the job you have been putting off for ages is done;

  5. A great big trip to the dump with 2 years of accumulated paper and files and brochures = an uncluttered cellar;

  6. An enormous effort to improve my financial self-organisation = deeper, sounder sleeping;

  7. A decision to eliminate some of my more destructive and irritating bad habits (with Michael’s help) = making myself more attractive to be around;

  8. Some good conversations with people I trust, respect, like and love to resolve tolerations = well, just = good conversations!

So the old Chris Barrow is on his way back – in a big way.

I’m feeling liberated, supported, well organised and probably a little bit self-righteous.

Please don’t let me get too giddy with this – I invite all those grounding comments from you.

As the man said “I feel good”

I challenge you – invest 3 minutes and 12 seconds in watching this video – turn up the speakers, dance around your room – and then tell me that you don’t feel better…

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