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Game-changing the business of dentistry - one city at a time - Belfast

Belfast for the next three days.

Today I'm working with the owners of a beautiful new multidisciplinary clinic and this evening presenting at their GDP Study Club on marketing in the current climate.

This will be followed by two days with my own clients - training on Thursday and Mastermind on Friday.

I'm especially excited that, tomorrow, we present the first of our 7 regional workshops on "The Modern Dental Therapist" and I'll be introducing and handing over to Cat Edney to share her views on the impact of Direct Access and digital workflow.

"Game-changing" is a phrase that I love to use in connection with our Extreme Business 100 training days.

In Q1 we listened to Neil Harris lift the bonnet on his "Self-Managing Practice" and generously share every system he uses:

  • Apprentice salaried dentists;

  • Hygiene-based assessment;

  • Team bonuses;

  • Zoning the appointment book;

  • His MOAS (mother of all spreadsheets);

  • Digital workflow

In Q2 we will be:

  • Revisiting GDC scope of practice for hygienists and therapists;

  • Understanding Direct Access and how it can improve access to dental care;

  • The team approach to the HTL business (Hygiene/Therapy Led);

  • The patient journey in the HTL business;

  • Marketing the HTL business to existing and new patients;

  • Sharing spreadsheets and a brand new smartphone app to measure H/T profitability;

  • Recruitment, Remuneration and Retention of The Modern Dental Therapist.

I'm committed to keeping members of The Extreme Business 100 community at the front of the Adoption Cycle - innovating.

7 cities over the next 6 weeks.

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