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Funky business cards

Its been a theme at the SOE marketing workshops:

  1. over 80% of the audiences show up with no business cards about their person and

  2. those that do usually brandish the common, boring card with “data” and, at best, a logo.

My rant being that the only place you don’t carry a business card is when you are wearing trunks and that your business card has to be different, make an impression and be capable of demonstrating who you are as well as what you do. During our workshops I like to share examples of referral business cards – for example, here is a new proof from Jon Ayres, spurred on by my bollocking him at the Cardiff SOE workshop. Designed, by the way, by Cathy Johnson. I was further intrigued by the team at and their prescence at Seth’s gig on Tuesday. Had a look around the web site, loved what I saw and ordered some mini-cards for myself on-line on Wednesday morning. The postman called an hour ago and delivered my package: What you are seeing here is:

  1. the funky packaging

  2. the mini-business cards – photo of me on one side and brief contact details on the reverse

  3. mini-card holder in black leather

  4. 15% discount card and code for my next on-line purchase

  5. funky shipping notice

Its all lovely, it arrived in just two working days and my investment was £23.96 for the lot – paid via Paypal with my order. It’s been seamless, I’m delighted with the result and I will be ordering more of these cards and more of their products. I haven’t met a human being at Moo – but I’m OK with that because the web site makes it super-easy for me to make choices. Beautifully done and they have enrolled me as a client and an ambassador.

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