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Front of House

  1. Managing Director of First Impressions;

  2. Always smiling and making eye contact;

  3. Has a good handshake;

  4. First in the queue for a “selfie”;

  5. All over social media with gusto;

  6. Cheeky in a very endearing way;

  7. Finding stuff out about people that nobody else knew – naturally inquisitive;

  8. Seeing solutions where others see problems;

  9. Always ready to go an extra mile;

  10. Spots a nervous patient a mile off and puts them at ease;

  11. Massively supports the brand standards, believes in the boss and in what you do;

  12. A volunteer;

  13. Can chat with princes and paupers;

  14. Never afraid of asking for the money;

  15. Oodles of initiative and capable of breaking the rules when it makes sense to do so;

  16. Covers the backs of the team;

  17. Nothing is too much trouble;

  18. Popular with everyone except the people you need to get rid of;

  19. Brilliant with the software and the paperwork as well as the people.

Like every other good team member, they are needles in a haystack – hard to find and worth keeping; but front of house the bar is set very high – nothing less than a needle will do.

So – who is greeting and meeting at your place today?

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