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Friday riff


84 people at our London Manager's workshop yesterday, talking about leadership/management and how to grow their practices over the next three years.

The energy in the room was electric, the laughter loud and the hunger for "confidence, capability and community" was palpable.

A guest session from Mark Topley, who Zoomed in to talk to us about how to be a Great Boss.

Today we welcome around 50 Owners to a day of strategic business planning.

Back in the room at Etc. Venues on the Edgware Road.

Back on my feet in front of a live audience.



Facebook announce that their average active daily users dropped to 1.929 billion in Q4 from 1.93 billion in Q3 of last year - that's 1 million people less per day, who have either moved to another platform or are taking a break.

I'm not sure if my maths is right but I think that's a drop of 1/1000th of a percent?

Whether or not I'm right - it knocked a quick £147 billion off the Facebook ( OK - Meta) share price - simply because it's the first time in 18 years that the numbers have dropped.

I'm not convinced that this signifies the "end of social media" - perhaps we need a few more months of results to be able to say that.

It does, however, show how fickle investment markets can be.


It's so quiet here in the West End.

I first noticed it arriving in Euston at 17:30 on Wednesday - where were all the commuters going home?

The streets of Marylebone are quiet, as are the restaurants and bars.

After some post-workshop work in my hotel room last night, Rachel and I walked over to Demartinos on Great Portland Street, expecting it to be Thursday night full - we arrive mid-evening to discover less than 6 other diners already there.

It got a little bit busier by the time we left - but nothing like the pre-Covid days.

Pizza Express just up the street has gone!

Where is everyone?

Inflation and the Cost of Living

The Bank of England predict a 30-year high of 7.00% inflation heading our way.

The Chancellor is announcing a harsh rise in the cost of living.

You had better get your marketing systems out of mothballs and give them a service - you are going to have to start working for your new patients again soon enough.


Have a good one - after my Owner's Mastermind Day I'm off to The Shard this evening for a posh dinner with Annie and good friends - back home tomorrow for some R&R after a tremendous week.

See you Monday.

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