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First day back

Back to work today, with the following order of priorities: 1. ezine 2. podcast 3. blog (this one!) 4. catch up on client emails 5. catch up on operational emails 6. catch up on voice mail from last week 7. generally review “to do” list 8. think about Wednesday’s management meeting and what I want to achieve 9. think about the month ahead and my professional priorities for the month 10. plan my goals for the month. There you go – an instant Top 10 list. That lot will take all of my working day – I began at 6.30am local this morning and plan to work through until 5.00pm. I will take a break at lunchtime – go for a run and take a soak in the bath. By the end of the day I will be back “in the zone” with regard to my business, my team and my clients.

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