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Firefighting (again)

Will it ever end? Let’s get the challenges out of the way: Every time we seem to be heading back to normal - another crisis rears its ugly head:

  • Covid (back in strength at the time of writing and disrupting teams, clinicians, and patients - ultimately leading to the pressure of trying to manage a constantly changing appointment book);

  • Retention - people leaving dentistry for good and/or leaving for an alternative offer within dentistry;

  • Recruitment - trying to replace and/or find new people and wondering how on earth to successfully recruit in the current climate?

  • The cost-of-living increases, fostering a reluctance to increase either plan or fee per item prices;

  • The NHS dental landscape – when are the independent sector finally going to realise that this needs to be left to the corporates, with their economies of scale and financial subsidies?

And yet... Let’s talk about the opportunities.

Read the full article in the Extreme Business July newsletter HERE

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