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Fathers, Sons and Sales

Passing the Relay Baton

In 1976 I was a 23 year old lad who had worked his way up from a 16-year old, poorly qualified school-leaver to senior administrator in a Manchester insurance company.

Life as an office worker offered a predictable and stable future – but I was frustrated and ready to take on the bigger challenge – so I volunteered my services as a technical representative for the same company, took possession of my canary yellow Ford Escort company car and set out on a journey into ethical sales and communication that continues to this day.

For the following 17 years I built my sales career in financial services and 23 years ago, changed course into business coaching for dentists.

40 years in sales.

Today, 1st March 2016, is a very special day for me – one that I want to share with you.

Today my eldest son Jon Barrow transitions from a 3-year career as Infusionsoft architect within 7connections to become a salesman for the digital marketing division of the business.

To clarify – he doesn’t want to become a business coach.

What he does want to do is share real life stories with you of the clients with whom we are already working in dentistry – and show you how we are helping them to achieve a 10X Return on Investment (ROI) from their marketing spend.

Predictably, I have and will continue to give him plenty of advice based upon my own experiences but I also have to recognise that his sales career will evolve in a brave new world and I’ve given him permission to tell me when to shut up and let him get on with it!

But you know what?

I’m a Dad first and a business coach second, so I want to see him succeed as all fathers do.

Jon has spent the last 3 years working with our clients on building 10X ROI marketing systems and he is now hitting the road as the representative of a growing 7connections team in Mayfair to whom he has passed the responsibility to build and operate those systems (he has been training them for the last three months).

So here is my Call to Action for you (and I’m using this platform as the 7connections blog site is down this week as we switch to our new web site).

Jon is offering a 30-minute Skype consultation, free of charge, to any Dental Principal or Manager who would like to see some of those REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of dental clients with whom we are working.

He doesn’t want to tell you “how it works” – simply show you the results and let you judge for yourself.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, other than 30 minutes of your time – and everything to gain.

What’s not to like about that?

So my Proud Dad broadcast is a request.

40 years on – a proud father passes the baton to his son.


If you are seriously interested in 10X ROI on your marketing spend and if you would like to see how other dental practices are achieving that (oh – and by the way, if you would like to help my lad to get started in his sales career) then just email him at and ask for a free consult – and then you will make my day as well as his (and you may well revolutionise your marketing).

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