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So there I am, sat with a group of experienced and hugely successful principals for the afternoon, answering questions extemporaneously. Expecting to be challenged on the complex stuff?

No – not really.

Questions are:

  1. who do I sell my practice to? When? How? How much for?

  2. what do I do when the PCT reduce my funding?

  3. who are the real competition going forward?

  4. do I need to worried about the corporates?

  5. how do I reduce make my associates profitable?

  6. what should my web site be doing?

  7. how does “branding” effect the way I develop the practice?

  8. should I expand to multiple locations?

  9. how do I get to spend more time at home, seeing my family?

Which, you might say, is a normal day at the office for me.

Just goes to show – no matter how successful you become, the questions stay the same.

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