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Extreme Cheer - 24 days of fun - £15,000 in gifts

There's an old story about the pragmatism of Northerners which suggests that if you stood on Macclesfield market handing out £5 notes, people would ask "what's the catch?"

Today I'm delighted to announce a £15,000 Christmas prize giveaway - and there is absolutely no catch!

Welcome to "Extreme Cheer" - our 24-day advent calendar that begins, of course, next Tuesday, 1st December 2020.

We decided to connect with our Corporate Friends (people who, like us, provide support services to the dental community) and ask whether they would join us in either offering fun prizes or amazing discounts and offers on their support for you.

Our motive is simple - a "thank you" to the dental community for your continued loyalty this year and our way of giving something back and giving you something to smile about at the end of one of your toughest years.

When I began this conversation a few weeks ago, little did I realise that we would end up with a Christmas stocking crammed with over £15,000 of prizes! The generosity of our participating suppliers has been heart-warming.

All you need to do to have a chance of winning is visit our web page and sign up in a few seconds. There will be no sales pitch, no T's & C's - it is simple - and you can ask as many people at your practice as you like to enter, to give you more chance of winning.

One sign up will mean that you are automatically entered every day for 24 days - there is nothing else for you to do.

Every morning we will announce the prize for the day and profile the supplier who has donated, every evening at 18:30 UK time, we will announce a randomly generated winner.

You can't win it if you're not in it.

We want to put a smile on your face - you deserve it.

To review the amazing prize list and register - simply go to

Please also share the love by sharing this post.

Many thanks to our amazing corporate friends for donating some incredible gifts:

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