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Extreme Business Workshops for 2025

As ever, “he who controls the calendar, controls the agenda” was the sage advice given to me many years ago.

I used to plan my year in advance every August, then it became June, then March - that’s how fast paced the word has become.

My 2025 vacations went in during the week commencing 12th February. this time. They were passed on to Phillippa and now, here we have all the workshop dates for next year.

Our guest speakers on the “Day One” training days for Owners, Managers and other relevant team members will be:

  • Q1 - Sheila Scott on “Putting health at the heart of your practice - 2025” - suitable for all team members;

  • Q2 - Neil Harris - "The perfect practice systems for 2025” - an update on his 2023 workshop to share the very latest spreadsheets, templates and ideas around financial analysis, recruitment, team building, and digital workflow - suitable for Owners and Managers;

  • Q3 - Michael Bentley - “The Dental Nurse Masterclass’ - by popular request a brand new day for your nursing team;

  • Q4 - Chris Barrowman - "How to build a £10m micro-corporate from a single-site squat - in just over 10 years” - suitable for all Owners and Managers.

On day two each quarter - I will be personally presenting a series of Masterclasses for Owners only, covering every aspect of the personal and professional skills you need to survive and thrive as a dental entrepreneur.

Dates are attached below, as always, we will send our Extreme Business 100 members the Eventbrite booking details in good time.

Goodness me, we have to get three-quarters of this year done first - but it is good to know that the knowledge is going to keep coming.

We are always looking for new members of The Extreme Business Community - why not reserve your place for 2025 right now?

2025 DATES The 100
Download PDF • 29KB

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