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Extreme Business Australia 2019 – Part 2

I’ll be travelling back to Australia in August 2019 to deliver two 2-day workshop programmes in Melbourne and Sydney.

I’ve had (and continue to have) the pleasure of working with some of the leading practices in the UK, Ireland and around the world and I want to pass on the best ideas in the business of dentistry to more independent practice owners.

Read below another testimonial from a 2018 attendee.

How did you hear about Coach Barrow?

I heard about Coach Barrow through Dental Events Australia who normally brings in excellent speakers.

Why did you to book for The Extreme Business Workshop, what was on your shopping list? As a business owner, HR and Marketing are the two biggest challenges. The cherry on top was the section on personal organisation and leadership.

What was the experience like – what was it like working with Chris for the two days? Chris really is an industry leader as well as a true professional in his field. Without a doubt, this was the most stimulating and educational course that I have done. Chris gives practical advice, backed up by logical thinking and concepts over the last 30 years in business and marketing. He has adapted these and made it relevant to Dentistry.

What difference will the workshop make to your business and personal development going forward? Chris has me excited as to where I would like to take my business. I also have a better foundation on which to make my marketing and business choice. Thank you Chris.

Find out more or sign up at:

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