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Even more delegation

Today I interviewed and hired a second virtual assistant. Phillippa Goodwin is the first and is responsible for:

  1. business travel

  2. business accommodation

  3. telephone meetings

  4. Skype meetings

  5. physical meetings with clients, strategic alliance partners and IDH practices

  6. client liaison

  7. invoicing and collections

  8. liaison with my accountant

Dawn Lane will be the second and responsible for

  1. maintenance of personal and professional cash flow forecasts

  2. day to day cash flow personal management

  3. settlement of all domestic expenses

and the reason is – I have had enough of arriving home on a Thursday or Friday to a mountain of domestic “stuff” that has to be actioned before I start work again after the weekend. The attentive may note that I invested over 5 hours in personal financial management yesterday, the Bank Holiday. I do not intend to abdicate from financial management – but Dawn has been selected (by Phillippa I hasten to add) as she is close by geographically and we will be able to meet physically where necessary. Its going to take a few weeks for all the pieces to drop into place. But it’s part of my ongoing determination to recreate a balanced and prosperous life. Oh – and by the way – this is blog post number 1001! So let me not forget my other unsung hero, Kimberly Black, without whom my on-line life would not exist. Next challenge – somebody to do the ironing!

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