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I have long maintained that, to get the best out of people, you have to ask them to do their best work in an inspirational environment.

Thos of you who know me, know that I’m very precious about where I work – office, conference centre, hotel room – they have to be “just so” if you want the best version of me.

This week has been exceptional.

Take a look:

Monday – The Kennels in Goodwood

Tuesday – lunch at The Old Fleece in Rooksmoor

Wednesday – afternoon tea at Jamie’s Italian in Cardiff

Today – management meeting with Phillippa at The Watergate Bay Hotel outside Newquay.

In each case, it is work and not play – but also a pleasure.

It is so important, especially with dentists, to get them out of that little box they live in (no – not the surgery – the head!) so that they can think deeper and wider – a way to encourage people to “play a bigger game”.

Today Phillippa and I are going to “shoot the breeze” on next year’s business plan and maybe take in a spot of lunch and a walk along the beach – it’s blowing a gale and the waves are crashing in – “fab-u-lous darling”.

The moral of my tale is to take yourself, your management team and/or your whole team into inspirational environments, whenever you plan to evolve your business to its full potential.

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