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Don't Quit - Do It

The second Friday in January is known as "Quitter's Day", thus designated as the day we are most likely to drop our New Year's resolutions.

So, whilst there are many who wish that BoJo had taken up the opportunity, I'm hoping that you didn't crumble and are starting this, week #3 of 2022, with new habits still in place.

Many of my clients have decided that "the firefighting is over" and it's time to return to strategy and tactics in relation to their business plans and personal development.

During last week's Northern Ireland workshops I certainly did meet a few celebrating (?) a dry January but I think more significant is the numbers who have decided to properly engage with my services.

This morning that is reflected in a record number of completed weekly progress reports, a very full email inbox and a list of tasks that I'm finding a little overwhelming. It's going to be a very busy few weeks ahead.

We are back in the business of facing forward and I hope that Quitters Day will have come and gone and that I can now focus on helping clients to keep on keeping on.

That wish extends to you also dear reader - don't quit. Let's do it.

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