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Don't invent a new hamster wheel

If you are in England, I know that you are busy this week. Either back or getting ready.

If you are in the other principalities I know that you may be frustrated this week but I have a sense that something may change very soon - so be prepared.

Wherever you are as we return to work, I'd like to encourage you to NOT invent a new hamster wheel to replace the one you were scampering inside before Covid-19.

It's very tempting to announce "all hands on deck!" and create an attitude that both you and your team need to work around the clock to get the cash in and the patients seen.

History shows that isn't sustainable. There will be little gain made if, in three months from now, you are burned out.

So please, remember the marathon runner's mantra - "pace not race".

If you haven't done it already, make a list of the aspects of your working life that you loved and didn't love before lockdown and use this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to start again, knowing what you know now.

Design a life that you are going to enjoy showing up for from now until New Year's Eve.

We can create a plan for 2021 later, once you have learned how to dance Dentistry 2.0 in the second half of 2020.

For now - keep your balance.

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