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Doing something different

Working with James Goolnik this morning over breakfast – subject was a storyboard and mind-map for our “Branded Experience” BACD day in Birmingham on 23rd April 2010.

I’m very excited about the day as we have some innovative new ideas to share with you.

James has made me promise not to use ANY of my current material – so those coming to The Dentistry Show need not worry – all fresh content in April (and good content later this month!)

A topic of conversation was how Starbucks took the 99p cup of coffee and created the £2.75 cappuccino etc etc.

I’ve recommended “The Starbucks Experience” as a favourite read before now.

This afternoon (see above) Starbucks email me to suggest I take part in a challenge to test a new range.

In the last few days, Pizza Express have offered me BOGOF pizza. – but I’m on Atkins.

And Apple suggested I buy my Mum an Ipod Touch for Mother’s Day – she died a few years ago.

It makes me ask myself – “What are you offering right now as added value to your core products/ services/brand.”

And a further question – “Is your marketing sufficiently well targeted or are you simply going for a scatter-gun approach?”

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