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Does anybody really want an HP Touchpad?

Were there queues of people waiting outside HP stockists on the launch day, hoping to be one of the lucky early-adopters? Did people walk up to HP Touchpad owners in Starbucks and ask to have a look? Are forums raving and developers developing? I don’t think so. The fact is that there are certain technical aspects of the kit that are superior to the iPad. But nobody cares. Because owning an HP Touchpad just isn’t cool. Whereas, emerging from the Cathedral of Cool (the Apple store) with a new iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or iMac – is just the coolest feeling. Opening the beautifully packaged boxes (and keeping them in your garage) is cool. Connecting to the web and looking at the thousands of apps is cool. Feeling part of a cool Tribe – well, frankly, its just – cool! Here’s a question – is your product/service/experience and outcome cool? It better had be. And – if there is nobody occupying the cool place in your trade or profession – step in there quickly, before somebody else does. There’s only room for one in the cool place. Can dentistry be cool?

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