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Do your patients sing your praises?

I received this last week from a client, Neil Cooper, whose patient sent him a testimonial in the form of a song: The Implant Song Well, said my dentist, I’ve some pretty bad news: your tooth’s up the creek and I’m afraid you must choose: between one on a denture you can pop in and out OR what’s called ‘an implant’ that’ll last just about til you’re dead as a dodo or perhaps a bit more as it’s bomb-proof and fail-safe fixed there in your jaw. They’ll fit a rod of titanium into the bone and fix a false tooth to it – looks just like your own. And when it’s all finished you’ll be gobsmacked I’m sure at how brilliant it is and be back for six more! Hmmmmn, I replied…then a quite lengthy pause… as I felt round my face and patted my jaws, Will it hurt much, I ventured? And is it quite dear? I’m a terrible wimp and feel nauseous with fear! He smiled reassuringly and replied: No and Yes. We’ll arrange an appointment which, I should guess, will allay all those worries and you’ll go straight ahead for a brilliant new smile that’ll knock ‘em all dead. So I did. And I’ve got it. And I feel really smashing even tho’ my poor bank balance has taken a bashing. But it’s worth it and I’m beaming with a marvelous smile done by Neil, the ace dentist, who’s best by a mile. And if you, too, are hesitant to take the same path I assure you it’s painless and soon you will laugh and you’ll feel, just like me – quite over the moon, so go visit Neil Cooper and make it real soon!

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