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Do you love your work?

Do you love your work?

I’ve been coached by experts over the years and they have taught me to aim at spending 80% of my professional time doing the work I love to do and 20% leading and managing the support team who do everything else.

I love 80% of my Bunker Days (like yesterday, when I’m working ON the business).

I love 80% of my Focus Days (like today, as I’m packing to deliver my second Extreme Business 2018 workshop in Manchester, then off to Belfast for the 13th Practice Plan Workshop Tour tomorrow).

I’m buzzing about this week professionally and confident that my team are constantly working away in the background.

Every now and then a transport option fails, a hotel room is poor, a prospect says “no, not now” or a client disappoints – but they are all just niggles.

The job is amazing and such a privilege.

Here’s an exercise for you at the end of today.

Take few minutes to reflect on your day and ask yourself how much of it you loved.

You deserve 80% – how much did you get?

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