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Dental Sedation in GDP – Richard Charon

In the first blog of his 3-part mini-series on Dental Sedation in GDP, Richard Charon takes a look at why you might specifically consider the option of “RA” as a new service for your practice(s) and mentions the courses he runs. After 37 years of utilizing Relative Analgesia or R.A. (the name now superseded by that of Inhalation Sedation), on a daily basis in both NHS for 14 years and Private practice for 23 years, there must be a good reason to continue using this dental anxiety management tool. There is. It works. It is safe, non-invasive and patients generally love it. Naturally there are other approaches and I also use IV Midazolam and also the services of a Hypnotherapist, Roland Bullivant, for true phobics. I leave the modus operandi for each phobic patient to his discretion. However in my High St. general practice, I manage 90% of those with dental anxiety with R.A. For this blog, I’ll stick to “R.A”. Hopefully without causing offence! In conversation, I have often found that dental professionals often consider the technique something for children and community services in particular. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes it works wonderfully for them BUT it has a broad application for adults in private practice too. Those who qualified outside the UK may have little or no experience of the technique. In the USA (for example) probably over 50% of practices offer R.A. The technique offers a life-changing opportunity to re-establish good relationships, not just with me but with the profession. Many have told me as much. More than that, it enables patients to accept the treatment they need to re-gain excellent dental health and return as needed to maintain it, as well as accepting elective treatment including extensive work from Implants to Restorative rehabs. I have been able to offer them an acceptable to solution to their problems and finally allow them the dental care//treatment that they wished for themselves. Yes I generalize a little, since R.A. cannot always be used (nasal obstruction or in claustrophobics for example) but it is a revelation for most of these patients. Indeed many can be weaned off after a period of regaining confidence. This video is a wonderful example. I could (and have) filled pages with testmonials, case -histories and stories from and about these people. They inspire me. Please take a little of your valuable time to follow these links if you need any convincing. Having done so it is only a small step to understanding why introducing RA could benefit your patients, yourselves and your practices. Less stress and greater efficiency. Less downtime, Fewer no-shows and cancellations due to anxiety keeping patients way. Even NHS practitioners benefit. Completing all UDAs for say 4 or 6 fillings in one visit instead of one filling at a time! One-day courses since Oct. 2003. My enthusiasm for this technique has lead me to developing a one-day course which Chris Charon and I run. Teaching and mentoring the subject. We take all-comers- a real mixed-ability group from DNs, DCPs, GDP recent graduates, GDP old-hands updating their knowledge & specialists e.g. Endodontists. This is an intensive one-day hand-on theory and practical training day and includes discussing all the benefits to all concerned (patient, practitioner and practice) and of course any downsides, as well as the technical and clinical aspects. How I do it step-by-step!” Again I have received very many testimonials for the courses too. Just two to share here: Changed my Clinical Practice

“I am so glad I booked a course with Dr Charon last October. I’ve never looked back. Not only was the course informative and gave practical hands on training, but I feel I have found a mentor and advisor in Richard. It has renewed my faith in dentistry, after a few stressful years. He is approachable and non judgmental in his emails, offering frank and honest opinions. He also goes out of his way to advice on other courses/training that may be relevant. I thoroughly recommend his course, and would like to see more of Richard in a general advisory role, as I think he will be very effective.” Dr. Avi Riley

The next came from Dr.Uzman Ul Haq. He had attended one of my courses about 18 months ago and he said

” Richard is a great tutor, made me change my mind about dentistry and the ways to build a patient list. Sedation may not be as glamorous as smile design etc but its such a fantastic thing for patients that I’ve incorporated wholly into my practice.” Dr. Uzman Ul Haq

The next blog in this mini-series will look at one-to-one mentoring in this sedation technique. About the Author. Richard Charon BDS is a Manchester graduate and a SAAD and DSTG (Dental Sedation Teachers Group) accepted mentor with a basic (C&G) teaching award. If you haven’t come across Richard directly or through social media, the simplest way to find out more is to have a look at his website, blog and Facebook Group page. All devoted to raising awareness of and indeed promoting wider patient availability, specifically of Inhalation Sedation (IS) through teaching and mentoring others. He runs his courses across the UK and Ireland with his wife Chris, a sedation-certified RDN and very recently (October 11th 2013) lectured at Liverpool Dental Hospital to a section 63, post-grad audience on R.A. as part of a Deanery, Conscious Sedation update. Richard has a chapter in Stephen Hudson’s Messages From Dental Masters compilation book from many of the UK’s dental thought-leaders. He has also had articles published in the dental press and on-line including Contact:

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