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Dental aid expedition to help Berber tribe

As part of a newly formed dental charity, a team of eight dentists are to take part in an eight day charity expedition to provide dental care to a Berber tribe in North East Morocco. The eight day trip takes place from 24 September to 1 October 2010. This newly formed group of trail blazers are the founding trustees of a brand new charity whose purpose is to highlight the role that dentists can play in charity work needed in remote parts of the world. One of the group members met with a doctor in Morocco earlier this year who said “the Berber tribe are in desperate need of a dentist and as an under-funded doctor I have 50,000 people under my care and I can’t treat them all”. The first UK expedition to this remote area of North Africa will gather in Alora (Malaga) and will take in Checchauan, the Rif Mountains and El Jebah (Morocco). In a Berber village by the Mediterranean Sea the group will be treating both men and women, with dental problems ranging from gingival disease to advanced dental decay. The trip will be challenging from a clinical point of view as the team cannot be entirely sure of the severity of the disease they will face. To make a donation and tor more information visit

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