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Default Retirement Age

Default Retirement Age

This is being removed on 6th April 2011


From the 6th April 2011, employers are no longer able to retire employees out of the business once they reach 65 years old.

What this means in reality is that after the 6th April 2011, Employers will have to wait until an Employee decides to retire, which can be ANY AGE, it will be totally the employees decision. Employers will not be able to assume they will retire at 65 anymore.

Between now and the 6th April 2011 Employers still have the right to give employees 6 months notice to retire.This should be a consideration for any business with employees in that age bracket (or over) for succession planning and staffing levels moving forward. Once the deadline has gone Employers will not be able to instigate retirement.If you have any questions on this or believe there is someone in your business this will effect please call us ASAP to avoid missing any deadlines.

Alison King

HR Consultant

Bespoke HR

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