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Customer Service

Liker many others. I was pretty unimpressed with the options O2 offered to upgrade to the new IPhone 3Gs – assuming that us “early adopters” would be rewarded by jumping the queue, or paying less.

Sadly, no such thing – wait until January 2010 was my legacy, unless I wanted to pay a fortune.

I had resigned myself to a life of phone envy.

At the risk of creating a flurry of false claims – I DID genuinely (honest – I promise) drop my iPhone in Harley Street 2 weeks ago and crack the glass. Phone still working (thank goodness).

Prophetically foresighted, I had paid the extra for insurance on the original phone so:

  1. call to O2 insurance

  2. “like for like” insurance in place subject to a £25 excess

  3. no units currently in stock but we’ll send one asap

2 weeks go by and nothing – until Monday, when I’m called en route and advised that a new unit will be ready Tuesday and “where would you like us to send it?”

I’m working in Hampshire all day and so advise them of the practice address.

Nice O2 lady informs me that “because we have kept you waiting, we will offer a complimentary upgrade to the new iPhone 3Gs.”

I, of course, almost faint at the wheel, recover my senses and offer a profuse thank you to Louise from O2.

New phone dutifully arrives and my clients are gracious enough to allow me to set the phone up by linking to my Macbook Pro in their lovely practice (which has free wifi).

Last night, as I drive from Hampshire to Bristol, I am interviewed live for a Pacific Coast internet radio show, via Bluetooth on my sparkling new toy.

Later in the evening I have a chance to play with some of the facilities and swoon at the coolness and the velocity of the responses.

Happy boy – CB enrolled as a member of O2’s sales force.

Going beyond my expectations – and so I broadcast my happiness to my virtual community.

A little bit extra is all it takes.

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