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Crisis Management

Last week I commented on "circling the wagons" in the event of a reduction in consumer confidence to add to our recruitment woes.

We will have a better idea after this week's Autumn Budget - but in a world where second-hand cars cost more than new ones and Man Utd can lose 0-5 to Liverpool at home, we have to accept that "anything can happen in the next half hour" (prize for identifying that quote).

This week I'll be sharing a webinar with my clients and Mark Topley on the subject of "How to be a Great Boss" and Mark has created a 100-question assessment that we are beta testing right now.

You'll be seeing the finished version in the next few weeks.

I suppose one of those "Great Boss" characteristics is leading a team through crisis.

The Ole Gunnar Solskjær interview on Sky last night was, I thought, a good example of a measured response in the face of such a catastrophic defeat.

We might send a copy of Mark's assessment over to Old Trafford but, in the meantime, he and I will be discussing "crisis management" along with many other issues on Tuesday evening.

We have all dealt with our fair share of crises in the last 18 months - and there may be more to come, in healthcare and the economy.

Part of being a Great Boss is remaining the beacon of light, no matter what.

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