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Conversations with Chris #8 - Steve Turnock's story

Many of you both followed and supported my recent “Everest Cycling Challenge”, supporting Asto Clinics, who provide treatment for those debilitated by OCD.

As Steve Turnock and I climbed 29,030 feet over 6 days around the Préalpes d'Azur Regional Nature Park, we shared our adventure with you each day via my blog - and also added a patient testimonial to each blog post.

Thank you to all those who helped us to raise funding for 5 patients.

In this conversation, recorded around Steve’s home on our last day in France, I wanted to ask Steve to share his own story, including:

  • How a maths graduate and chartered accountant became Chief Executive of Practice Plan.

  • How, after selling the business and retiring at age 46, Steve suffered one of the most severe versions of OCD, resulting in stopping his life in its tracks;

  • How he found treatment and was able to overcome the condition and...

  • How and why he created the registered charity Asto Clinics, to bring the treatment he received to more people who would otherwise be left stranded.

  • It’s a very open, honest account and we hope will resonate if either you or a loved one needs help, especially in an environment in which the awareness of mental health issues is so relevant.

Listen via the player below or your favourite podcast streaming service.

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