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Controversial, Contemporary and Consistent - how to stand out in branding and marketing

Shaz Memon is the founder and MD of Digimax a leading dental marketing agency in London In this brilliant interview, Shaz shares simple strategies to help you grow your brand and your Instagram visibility. He also stresses the importance of exceeding your client's expectations. Not only does Shaz share what works, he will also share what happens when you do drop the baton, and the consequences it can bring. Shaz is one of the humblest guys you will ever meet and it took over two years to get this interview organised. It is well worth the wait. You will learn;

  • That to stand out in the marketplace does not really take very much

  • Why he used Squid Game to build his brand and could have ended up being arrested!

  • Three C (s) strategies that are essential to be a success in today's marketplace

  • The significance of Zero ROI Marketing and how you can dominate your area

  • The importance of thinking out of the box when planning your marketing strategies

  • Ensuring that all your team deliver world class service every time and hear about the consequences when you don't

  • The essentials of Instagram - and how to make it a success for you


Listen to the podcast via the player below or your favourite podcast streaming service.

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