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Conspiracy theory

Aren’t they great?

  1. there was a second gunman in Dallas

  2. there was no Moon landing

  3. Hitler survived and opened a halal tapas bar in Montevideo

Here’s my addition to the genre:

  1. HSBC moved their telephone banking operation overseas to save money

  2. (Lets face it – they have nobody left in the UK under 30 – just disco banks run by kids)

  3. the staff overseas have created a healthy secondary market in selling our bank details to their mates in the car park

  4. so much phishing is going on that they (the bank) are scared of getting busted

  5. so they now go into “overkill” on fraud prevention (see the recent thread on Mark Oborn’s Facebook page)

  6. and if I use my debit card more than a few times a day or in more than one location it triggers….

  7. some faceless, heartless, humourless woman overseas telling me my card is suspended

Ever tried to make a joke with an overseas bank telephone clerk?

You can hear the earth turning in the silence.

My “theory” is that these people have screwed up hugely – and are trying to hide it from us.

I think they may be watching me……

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