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Coaching in the sunshine

  1. Number of free days (vacation and weekends) – 42.3%

  2. Number of business development days (working “on” the business) – 13.9%

  3. Number of income generating days – 43.8%

Am I seeing an 80/20 rule at work here?

  1. 20% of time allocated to business development

  2. 80% of time allocated equally to generating income and taking time off?

Perhaps too early to be that specific – but I’m reminded to ask more of my clients how they do this – and try to create some KPI’s around time management – to add to the Pankey “corridor of profitability” that suggests maximum productivity at between 23-27 clinical hours per week. As mentioned, yesterday was a “day off” – feedback from last year’s retreat in Helford, Cornwall – where the clients told us that three solid days was too much. So bikes were hired and a party of us set off down the Tarka Trail.

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