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Class Act

As we finished our workshop tour in Edinburgh yesterday, it would be churlish of me not to take this opportunity to publicly thank Michael Bentley for presenting his Reception Masterclass to my clients in 7 locations over the last couple of months.

We have welcomed record audience numbers (a total of 485 people) to days that combine quality content with, put simply, one of the most entertaining training events that you will ever experience.

Michael is a consummate professional presenter but also carries the authority of having "walked the talk" in his career as receptionist, qualified dental nurse, TCO and manager.

He knows what a day in a dental practice is really like and illustrates the games people play into a sometimes hilarious look at what can be very demanding responsibilities. A perfect combination of humour and the serious side of life in dentistry - there's no better environment for training.

As our tour progressed, I began to hear the same question repeated - "our dental nurses are asking when they get to have a day out for training?" and so I'm delighted to confirm that Michael will be returning to The Extreme Business 100 in Q3 of 2025, to present a brand new "Dental Nurse Masterclass" - I'm really looking forward to that.

Our tradition of bringing the best experts to our clients will continue this year with no less than:

  • Sarah Buxton;

  • Laura Horton;

  • Ashley Latter.

But, for now, thank you Michael for your rightly named Master - Class. You are a master of your subject - and a class act.

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