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Clarity, Confidence & Compassion

"A few days ago Chris, I read your daily blog, as I do every morning, and in it you said “it can be a good idea to wear a suit of armour when you turn up for life every morning - just a bit of extra protection.”

It got me thinking…how do I make myself a suit of armour?

One which will protect me from the slings and arrows of daily living.

A suit which will allow me to step out the front door with a light heart and a sure step.

Perhaps all I need are three things: clarity of vision, confidence, and compassion.

Clarity of vision

Who am I? What matters to me? How do I live my life?

I was born in God’s own country: a land of green paddy fields, coconut palms swaying in the breeze, serene backwaters and sandy beaches.

A land of deep spirituality, of gentle folk whose welcoming smiles and open arms always soothes the spirit.

Memories of temple bells, the call of the Koel, the warm deliciousness of roasting spices, sunny mango groves, the roar of the monsoon, the tinkling of anklets, the drone of the Tanpura, hymns in the convent chapel, the comforting dark halls of the school library, mischievous giggles of school friends,

The seriousness of college, the freedom of University, all run deep in me reminding me of what matters…

And the land that has adopted me, one of rolling hills and green pastures, church bells and cathedrals.

A land of generous and tolerant folk, always courteous with a strong sense of fair play and justice.

Honey coloured cottages, the fragrant rose, birdsong, the daffodils of spring, silently falling snow, the orchestra tuning up, laughter of children, all fill me with joy and anticipation, confirming what really matters……

Love, faith, hope, charity, justice and fortitude.

To see LIFE in all its beauty, its splendour, its majesty.

To be grateful, to live fully every day I am given.


A sure confidence which comes from, remembering those who walked before me, my grandparents who were hard working country folk working for independence, strong and powerful, generous and kind.

Taking strength from those who walk with me: inspirational parents who exalt me to stand up tall, smile and to just do the right thing every time.

My family who love me unconditionally, my dearest friends who listen comfort and accept me for who I am, my team who believe in me and choose to follow where I lead, my professional advisors who encourage support and nurture.

Looking back and appreciating how far I have come, the blessings, the joys and the fun.


For myself and for others.

Recognising the humanity in all.

Seeking to understand and accept.

Forgive and let go.

Do not fear…It is okay to fall, to fail, to cry.

But never ever give up,

Be kind, Be brave,

Keep serving.

Keep loving."

Reproduced with the generous permission of Tara Thomas, Rectory House Dental Practice, Guildford, Surrey.

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