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Cash Flow

When you have positive cash flow in your business:

  1. you can publish a set of core values

  2. you can make ethical decisions

  3. you can applaud the efforts of others

  4. you can be a philanthropist

  5. you can take the moral high ground and “tut, tut” at those who don’t

  6. you can develop a CSR policy

  7. you can re-invest

  8. you can organise social events for your team

  9. you can innovate

This first set of behaviours is based on courage and abundance. When you have negative cash flow in your business:

  1. you can ignore your core values

  2. you can dump integrity

  3. you can find others to blame

  4. you can be miserly

  5. you can profiteer from your clients/patients

  6. you can seal up the charity box

  7. you can let the business stagnate

  8. you can cancel the Christmas party

  9. you can block new ideas

The second list of behaviours is based in fear and scarcity. The hero is the one who decides to climb back into positive cash flow without compromising on any of the first list. Cash flow makes people villains or heroes.

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