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Care Quality Commission and dentistry

Just been reading this document on the train. I’m amazed at the scope and depth of regulation that is proposed. It is quite a few years since I predicted “The Financial Services Act for Dentists” and yet here we are. Bottle half-empty? “Oh my God, we can never do all that and stay profitable.” Bottle half-full? “This will be the best imposed management consultancy that dentistry could have wished for.” What does concern me most of all is:

  1. the need to provide the dentist that the patient asks for – what will the retailers and corporates do?

  2. the need to provide much fuller, clearer and deeper explanations of treatment planning options – where will the time come from?

  3. no apparent account taken of the need to market for dental services in a way that generates interest

Software developers take note – a massive opportunity to standardise protocols. Practice owners take note – you need to invest time in this NOW.

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