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Can Google see your web site?

I’m working as part of a project team with Elmsleigh House Dental at the moment, re-branding their corporate image and literature and recreating their web site. We have banned the principal, my good friend Tim Thackrah, from the project – the last thing we need is his input (!) and he has been intelligent enough to recognise that. So I’m working with Cathy Johnson, Barbara Trotter (who is now working as Tim’s marketing manager) and Simon Alison on the web piece. Very impressed with Simon – knows what he is talking about when it comes to web creation and all that search engine stuff. At the moment, we have a home page for patients that makes for very good reading. I would say that because I wrote it a couple of years ago. You can see the page here. But Simon has pointed out that Google isn’t going to be paying much attention to my language – after all, it’s a bunch of computers and not people. Google is looking for the key words that people enter when they are looking for a smile makeover – and Simon has done his homework and revealed that the most frequent searches are: Cosmetic dentistry (15,767) Cosmetic dentist (2,387) Farnham dentist (40) Surrey dentist (5,241) Farnham dentist (40) Dental implant (5,060) Dentist in Surrey (23) Cosmetic dentist surrey (11) So we have to re-write the language in order that Google can spot the connection. My first draft is:

About You You are interested in cosmetic dentistry You would like more information on dental implants You would like to work with a Surrey dentist You would prefer to work with a cosmetic dentists at the top of their profession You prefer world-class customer service, delivered by people who listen and care. What difference would it make if you found what you were looking for? We believe that you have.
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