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Call the bluff

  1. The specialist orthodontist told by a patient that their treatment plan had been reviewed by a GDP and pronounced inappropriate;

  2. The prospective new patient who tells the TCO that she could get the same treatment down the road at a lower price - "so what are you going to do about it?";

  3. The associate who decides to move to a new practice but subtly sabotages team members and patients before leaving;

  4. The non-attending patient who suddenly shows up and threatens a Front of House team member that he will petrol bomb the practice if he doesn't get an appointment for an extraction;

  5. The Practice Manager who constantly resists all change or innovation, becoming a barrier to any progress in the business, and undermines all decisions;

  6. The vendor who wants to sell his practice at top dollar but refuses to work beyond the sale date and refuses to sign a no-poaching agreement, even though he intends to move to a new practice a few miles away;

Every one of these scenarios a true story that has passed across my desk in recent days.

Some people seem to think that it's OK to use intimidation when they cannot get what they want.

So it's important to remember a few basic rules:

  1. Nobody, ever, has the right to intimidate another person - period;

  2. Never negotiate with terrorists;

  3. Always call the bluff - no exceptions.

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