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Buying and Selling your Practice - a true life roller coaster of a journey

We asked Claire to return as a guest and share with us the pains and pleasure of both buying and selling an orthodontic practice.

This interview will help any dentist (specialist or general) who is interested in starting or ending their Ownership journey, now or in the future.

Claire’s first attempt at Ownership was a painful failure and she explains why - and equally why it was another 9 years before she acquired her own business.

In part 1 we talk about that slow journey into Ownership.

In part 2 the challenges of growing a business from “pen and paper” to digital.

In part 3 the necessity to plan your exit a long way in advance.

In part 4 the story of her sale to Dentex - and the mountain climb that is due diligence.

In part 5 the journey into a happy corporate ownership.

Along the way we will hear about family challenges, leading by change, how an asset can turn into a liability in a split second, how to break the news to the team, buying mop buckets, changing leases, emergency currency exchange and missing shareholders.

Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.

Listen now via the player below or your favourite podcast streaming service.

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