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Building GDP referrals – Part 4 – blogs, vlogs, podcasts and newsletters

Unless you have been living in a cave, you’ll know about Colin Campbell’s BLOG – you may also be aware of his podcast Incisive:Decisive.

In fact, I could make today’s post quite simple by saying that if you want to build GDP referrals into your practice – do what Colin and his team have done (Colin knows as well as I do that it’s OK to say “copy me” because few ever get close).

On the subject of broadcasting for marketing purposes, I’m constantly reminded of the sage advice of Seth Godin – “don’t write about what you know, write about what fascinates you.”

In the context of broadcasting to prospective patients (direct to market), that means the 8015/5 rule as previously explained – make it primarily about the difference you have made to patients.

As I mentioned earlier this week – if you need the dental community to know how much you know, then you’ll be relieved to know that broadcasting to referring GDPs gives you the chance to scratch that itch.

Note, however, that Colin combines sharing his knowledge and opinions on clinical dentistry with varied riffs and rants on subjects ranging from popular music to parenting, through cycling to deep philosophy on the nature of our existence.

In case you were wondering, his audience is huge.

A blog gives you the opportunity to share around 250 words per post (Colin posts 365 days a year – I’d suggest you aim at 1 per week).

A newsletter allows you to expand on a chosen subject – up to 1,500 words in total and published once a month.

A video blog (vlog) can last for less than 5 minutes.

A podcast will retain the listener’s attention for 30-60 minutes and can be published monthly.

The additional beauty is that you can share all of these broadcasts across your own social media channels AND ask to be posted in other online groups to which you belong (especially useful if you are offering post-graduate training).

It sounds like a lot to do – it is.

It requires commitment, planning and thought.

The payoff is huge – constantly reminding your audience of potential referring GDPs that you are there and that you can help them.

In a bland world of noise – you have to get noticed.

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