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Building a new dental corporate

Yesterday in London – amazing. Launching the Barrow Kwong Hing (BKH) group of companies:

  1. a private dental corporate – selective acquisitions with a unique proposition

  2. a private equity fund – a dental “dragons den”

  3. a post-graduate clinical skills school

  4. our continued support for PrivateVT

  5. a business skills school (where I will continue to coach in 2012)

  6. a dental laboratory

  7. a property company

  8. a retail dental operator

and perhaps more. Meeting with the external Team BKH – Cathy Johnson, Krishan Joshi, Brendon & Marita MacDonald – to discuss our overall branding, web and social media marketing, official launch at The Dentistry Show (come and see us on our stand). Interviewing a potential MD for the business skills school. Discussing our compliance and management information requirements with Seema, Mario and Duncan from Dentabyte and The Compliance Cloud. Outlining our PR campaign and listening to excellent suggestions from Erica Kilburn. Through it all, enjoying the unflappable support of Phillippa Goodwin and Lindsey Wordley – my two “wing-men”. Chatting to my business partner Dr Al Kwong Hing (in Toronto) at 22:00 last night to update him on the day. I wonder whether every January will be this exciting going forward? Over the coming months you are going to see CoachBarrow and The Dental Business Club slowly morph into something much bigger – and you will also see more people joining our team. We have ambitious and optimistic plans to make a positive difference to UK and Canadian dentistry. To quote Michael Gerber – “we are moving fast and we are looking for runners.”

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