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Branding and the need for change

The simple fact is that Madonna’s “Sweet and Sticky” show on Saturday was fantastic. I expected less, especially after the wonderful “Circus” that Take That created a couple of weeks ago and a cracking night at Edinburgh’s Playhouse with Seal. Madonna, like my good self, has her fans and her detractors – a real Marmite of the entertainment world – and the Daily Mail were right to criticise the 90-minute late performance start on an evening where the crowd at the O2 just got sweatier and sweatier in an ambient tropical temperature. But Madge provided – by the bucket-full, including a spectacular tribute to Michael Jackson that wasn’t on the prescribed playlist and brought the roof down. She looked fantastic – her dancing and the choreography of the whole show were outstanding. I was proud to be in the same demographic, although the moves I was pulling in the circle might not have been quite so sexy and my tight abdominal muscles are cleverly disguised to avoid riots at my own workshops. How does she do it? She makes the time. And what has that to do with the business of dentistry? Everything. Because Madonna “gets it” that you have to re-invent yourself every 5 years or so to:

  1. inspire the existing fans

  2. bring in a new generation of customers

  3. excite your support team and. perhaps most importantly

  4. to motivate yourself

There’s no doubt that she isn’t doing it for the money any more. Its to prove to herself that she still can. To enjoy the “rush” of the crowd. The smile on her face as she out-Britneyed Britney – was palpable. The moral of this tale. Re-brand.

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