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Boost your marketing by working effectively with the local press

The statistics seem to indicate that sales of national newspapers are heading down (except The Sun), whereas there is ongoing interest in local newspapers.

We are drowning in multi-media global news and yet equally interested in what’s happening in our suburb, town or village.

Developing good relationships with independent local newspapers (and radio stations) can be a key part of your overall marketing mix.

A local newspaper is commercial business (just like yours) and has to sell advertising to make a profit.

Often, a dual approach to buy some advertising space in return for current affairs coverage can be an excellent win:win.

I reproduce here (with permission) a feature that appeared in the Colwyn Bay Daily Post on my client and friend Trevor Ferguson.

Its a good example of how to do these things correctly.

Remember – this is a piece of a marketing jigsaw of activity that must be maintained over long periods to gain traction and effectiveness.

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