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Blowing out the cobwebs

The legends of many cultures see the rainbow as a kind of bridge between heaven and earth. One of the most beautiful sights in nature, the rainbow has become in western culture a symbol of renewed hope; something lucky to look upon.

Two successive nights of very poor sleep have left me feeling very drained this weekend. This sad puppy was even writing this week’s ezine at 5.00am this morning. So this afternoon, a long walk along the sea front at Penzance was a good opportunity to clear my head in gale force winds and think about where the hell my life is going. On the flight back from Glasgow last Friday, I wrote down a list of my core values and my tolerations – and realised that not enough of my core values are being met and that I’m tolerating too much – a very revealing personal coaching session you might say. Although this is the most exciting of times professionally, I have work to do on myself and my environments. It never ends – as I read recently – “everything never changes” – but some things do. Here is one lady who doesn’t give a damn about that – or anything else!

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