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Blimey! Big response to my ezines. A tribe is born.

So I posted my “personal reflections” in the ezines this week – and took a 2-day break from electronics. On my return yesterday afternoon I found well over 30 positive emails from readers, offering to join an “R&D” team to debate how we can move forward on the idea of creating a coaching coalition – a collaboration of fine minds in the coaching community, without the “fat fees” associated with much practice management training. The response has been 100% supportive and finds me a little unprepared – but then I am the self-styled “anti-preparation” coach – just take an idea out there and see what happens. My first thoughts are around the technology of how an R&D team will operate – and I will email Kim Black today and ask for her help. Clearly, I cannot start answering dozens of extra emails each day, so I assume we will have to start some sort of list – but I would like to integrate that with this blog – we shall see. And in a master-stroke of poor timing, I leave for Italy on Tuesday to spend 2 weeks vacationing with my family.

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