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Belfast and continued storm warnings

Belfast - The Grand Central Hotel (as seen on the BBC) - and my first client workshop since the cycling accident on 6th August.

Two days:

Day 1 - Marketing - working with Owners and Managers on how best to adapt to the current economic climate and ensure survival through any drop in consumer confidence.

Day 2 - Mastermind - working with the Owners on their 2023 Strategic Business Plan - getting their year in gear.

All during a worrying market backdrop.

  • First example yesterday of a young dentist pulling out of a proposed practice purchase because of increased borrowing costs (and the refusal of my client to accept a ridiculous revised offer) - "I'll only proceed on the basis that you drop your asking price by 55%";

  • First example yesterday of a 5-year earn out with a 9% annual uplift in sales to hit target.

An interesting few days for me - an interesting few months ahead for us all.

It's times like this that you need a strong community and an experienced business advisor.

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