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BDIA Showcase gossip – day 1 – Thursday 19th October

Certainly a great looking show, even if we have been relegated to Hall 3 as the members of The Motorhome and Caravan Show gather for the weekend. I suspect a higher level of attendance from the glampers than I do from the dental community.

By the end of a relatively quiet day, some of the trade were beginning to roll out the Brexit/May/Trump/North Korea/GDC/Shergar/Lord Lucan/grassy knoll in Dallas, wailing, gnashing teeth and rending of garments – but I think it’s too early to declare and we shall see what the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning sessions bring before circling the economic wagons.

On a personal note, you’ll be aware (I hope) that I launched the Extreme Business 2018 workshop programme yesterday morning in the newsletter and on social media – I’m delighted to say that I have 8 sign ups in the first 24 hours (my national target is 40) and a few serious expressions of interest that will be followed up after the show. That’s a flying start and I’m personally thrilled and excited.

You’ll be hearing more about the programme between now and the end of November so forgive me in advance but this will be THE central core of my marketing activity next month so you’ll understand my passion.

Just in case – details are HERE.

Email if you are interested.

Speaking for Practice Plan was a blast at 13:00 and I’ll be repeating the session (on how to attract new patients using social media effectively and at low cost) at the same time today on stand D40.

It’s a 30-minute fast-paced session (with a few giggles). We did have some problems with the AV yesterday and credit to the PP team and the on-site AV people who turned lemons into lemonade in about 15 minutes – at 12:45 I was thinking we had no show.

Later in the day, I recorded no less than 4 Bodcasts for Practice Plan on marketing, leadership, management and teamwork – so keep an eye (ear?) out for them. As always, the out-takes were outrageous – I hope to goodness they never get broadcast as, at best, I’d get locked up.

My thanks to Sian and Kelly from PP for their patience with my antics (I really do need to grow up one day).

Last night I enjoyed the traditional dinner with newly appointed Bridge2Aid CEO Shaenna Loughnane and members of her team. We’ve been visiting the Rajnagar in Solihull since 2006 on the Thursday night of NEC trade shows with our B2A friends. Many happy memories and few riotous evenings. Yours truly is still on ColdTurkeyTober and so there was no dancing on the table tops – but an excellent catch up on what the charity are up to next year.

I’m fascinated with their new joint venture with Dentaid, #togetherdental and will be visiting the B2A stand today to find out more and talk about my plans to support the charity in 2018.

So another long Showcase day – 05:00 alarm and room check in at 22:00 last night – but trade shows are a golden opportunity to feel the pulse of the business of dentistry.

Equally, a chance to catch up with friends – special mentions here for:

  1. Marcus Rickard for sharing the progress of his innovative new lab ordering application;

  2. Elliot Stephenson-Smith for making me laugh out loud and sharing his business plans for the next 3 years;

  3. Barry Oulton for listening to my advice and for his support of everything I do;

  4. Nigel Jones for being the only person I know in dentistry who actually does work harder than me;

  5. John Milne for his support of Bridge2Aid;

and everyone else who shook my hand, waved, smiled, listened to my talk and made me remember that dentistry is my extended family.

Time to pack and go for day #2.

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