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BDA Liverpool

I’m going to be at the conference next week for all three days – and I have no speaking duties and no lectures to attend – whoopee!

Conferences and trade shows are an excellent opportunity to catch up with strategic alliance partners, old friends and new – and I intend to invest the full three days in networking and listening to what the voxpop is on UK dentistry.

Its one of those rare occasions where I will be on one place for a time and not moving at a million miles an hour.

I’d love to have informal coffee and chats with anyone there:

  1. former clients

  2. current clients

  3. prospective new clients

  4. strategic alliance partners

  5. suppliers

  6. my fellow professionals

  7. trainers

  8. consultants

  9. coaches

  10. other professional advisors

  11. Principals and team members

And – I’m offering complimentary coaching sessions to ANYBODY. Chris Barrow is LIVE, UNCUT AND FREE OF CHARGE – for the whole duration of the conference.

I’ll happily invest 30 minutes of my time in listening to you and offering my opinion on ANY subject related to the business of dentistry.

No life-coaching please – I’ll just tell you to “get over it” 😉

I don’t have a stand, I don’t know where I will be – we can sort that out on the day.

If you fancy a chat, please contact Phillippa at or on 01647 478123.

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