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Back to work after the holiday weekend

For once, that was a Bank Holiday weekend mostly devoted to rest and play. That’s unusual for any freelancer; my normal default is to spend at least half of the Monday in catch up mode.

Admittedly I did spend my usual Sunday morning working on personal finances and just had to scratch an itch and get some paperwork done for a forthcoming overseas speaking engagement – but my total time in The Bunker over the three days amounted to no more than three hours.

It has been nice to spend most of the weekend enjoying some quality time.

Having woken naturally the last three days, it is always a slight shock to the system when the 05:00 alarm heralds the start of a new working week. I also woke during the night and spent some time thinking about my tasks for the week ahead before drifting back off again. Do you do that?

In just 10 days Ashley Latter and I will be boarding a train to Penzance to meet with Les, Simon and Sheila for “that” bike ride and there is lots to do before then.

I’m in The Bunker for the next 2 days and my primary focus will be finalising the launch of my marketing for the 2019 Extreme Business Workshop Programme in the UK.

The new programme brochure is ready, as are some smashing videos that we created with the team from JSP Media Group during the last London workshop.

I’ve asked Team CB to finalise an Extreme Business 2019 landing page for those of you who are interested and I’ll get my September newsletter ready to be broadcast next week, together with some marketing collateral for my Strategic Alliance partners.

Can you believe it’s September on Saturday?

From next Monday we all begin our journey towards the year end and, for many of you, the biggest 4 months of the year for sales.

In my case, September to December is my main marketing season – my 1:1 coaching for 2019 is pretty well sold out, as has the client retreat in November, (the first time that has happened so early in the year) but a busy and vibrant workshop programme is a cornerstone of my 2019 strategy, so the focus will be there for the coming months.

It reminds me that, for all of us who are returning to work after the August holiday season there is no such thing as half-hearted.

We have to give it everything we’ve got.

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