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Back to my desk

  1. Make a list

  2. A/B/C the list

  3. Do the A’s first

But I’ll also be talking to Team CB this week about delegating some of my overwhelm. I think a new team member may be in the offing. I have 2 buffer days now – to plan and prepare – and then Wednesday is my client call-in day, Thursday a practice visit with a dental laboratory and Friday I’ll be presenting to about 200 people at the Devon Independent Practitioners Group. There is a shadow hanging over all of this – my 78-year old mother was taken into hospital last week and it looks as if her independent living is about to come to an end, as the medics feel that she will no longer be able to fend for herself. Options are being considered as she languishes unhappily in a Manchester hospital and, as her only kin, I’m keeping in touch daily. Puts my “to do” list in perspective.

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