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Back in Arnolds Yard

I’ve owned an apartment in Altrincham, Cheshire (South Manchester) since 2002 and used it as base when I was commuting from Florida or Italy to deliver The Dental Business School. For the last couple of years there have been tenants – but they have now moved on and I decided that a base in the North West would a great alternative to “yet another” hotel – for work and to visit with my family. So I arrived here last night for the first time and I’m quite thrilled to be back in a personal sanctuary rather than a Hilton. BUT. As you can see from the photograph – much of the original furniture has either been scrapped or hijacked by my teenage children – so there will be some refurbishment and re-equipping to do. What you cannot see on the photo is that the central heating isn’t working – and I’m frozen. I slept on my queen-sized bed under a single duvet last night – with a hot-water bottle preventing hypothermia. That wasn’t enough to prevent me waking at 4.00am – so the “good” news is that I’m all up to date with emails and just about to go out for a run before asking to borrow a shower. The last three days of Platinum visits have been a blast – and 2 of the 3 clients have re-engaged me for another year – the ultimate compliment. I hasten to add that the one who didn’t was by mutual consent because “my work is done” and he is so happy and coached-up that we finished our meeting at 3.00pm on Tuesday with nothing left to talk about. Yesterday was fabulous – having seen a practice transition from old to new premises, father to son ownership and create a superb team and super-profitable practice – we are now focusing our attention on their second City-based practice with the intention of repeating the success – a fascinating project with people who are lovely to be around. Today is an amble day for me. I’m actually taking some time out this morning to visit an old friend and client who is going through a very tough time personally and professionally at the moment – he isn’t a dentist and doesn’t read blogs – so I can mention it here. 10 years ago he was at the top of his trade and a wealthy man – now he is at rock bottom and his life and business have fallen apart. He gave me some personal help 10 years ago when I needed it – and now it’s pay-back time. He called me a couple of weeks ago to ask for help and offered to pay for my time. As you might imagine – finances are not going to be a subject here – I just want to help a good mate. This afternoon I’ll be praying for a central heating engineer and buying odds and sods for the apartment – hopefully tonight I will be warm and cosy. Better had be because I have another 4.00am start tomorrow and an early train to London!

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