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Back home

Welcome back to the 21st Century, modern life and social media.

Best decision of the vacation – NOT taking Macbooks or iPads, even though our hotel did have free wifi (and my daughters did indulge in Skype and Facebook after dinner each night).

Annie and I stayed away from the web.

The result?

  1. deep connection with my girls

  2. great conversation

  3. endless laughter

  4. read the first two books of the Stieg Larsson Millennium series and now engrossed in the third and final book.

So here’s the count back at CoachBarrow central.

  1. 641 emails in the in-box

  2. 39 individual sets of documents – domestic and professional correspondence

  3. 26 “Notes” written to myself whilst on vacation

  4. 1 mind-map created on my iPhone (on the flight to Athens), detailing my plan for financial independence at age 60

  5. 36 development tasks and 6 major projects created in “Things”

  6. 4 direct messages and 28 new friends requests in Facebook

  7. 0 telephone messages

  8. a fantastic job done by Phillippa and Team Barrow whilst I was away.

and I intend to spend the rest of the weekend resting (and doing laundry!), watching my tan fade and wondering how I’m going to lose half a stone.

The business will be back on Monday morning.

P.S. I forgot to add the 184 blog posts and news feeds I read this morning on my iPad.

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